What you need to know about Manicure and Pedicure

One of the prerequisites of being well-groomed is manicure and pedicure. In our daily life, we should give importance to hand and foot care as well as our whole body. Nail polish should be applied according to the age, season and fashionable colors of the person.

Nails that are constantly broken and split should be strengthened with nourishing drugs. Pedicure is of great importance, especially in summer. Pedicure is needed in order to make our feet look healthy and pleasant in winter, which does not get airtight in closed shoes. Ingrown toenails cause major problems as long as they remain in closed shoes. They should be treated by specialists.


Of course, medicine always has the most effective treatment methods. But for some minor problems, there are ways to treat them at home before going to the doctor.

Calluses: Soak your feet in 2 liters of warm water with shampoo for 10 minutes. To soften the skin of the feet, massage your feet with vegetable oils or creams. Then rub your feet with a pumice stone. Put your feet on a pillow so that you can see your calluses. Apply Vaseline on it. Wrap the callus with a piece of cotton velvet fabric. Change the fabric after each bath and close it this way for 1 week. If the callus is renewed, continue with the same procedure. If the pain continues, definitely see a doctor.


Our hands, which are exposed to all kinds of external factors, need careful care. We can list the things to do for elegant, neat, well-groomed hands and nails. The first thing to do is to use softening cream after washing your hands and manicure once a week is ideal.


You can have it done at your hairdresser’s, or you can do it yourself at home.

  1. First of all, clean the nail polish on your nails, apply a softening cream to the nail bottoms.
  2. After adding a few drops of shampoo and juice of half a lemon to hot water, soak your hands in this water for two minutes.
  3. Then push the meat at the bottom of the nail, remove the dead tissue on the surface.
  4. File your nails, massage your hands with the cream.
  5. Complete your manicure by first applying nail protector and then nail polish.


-Care creams soften the cuticles.

  • Your nails need to breathe, so be careful not to have nail polish all the time.
  • If you want your hands to be soft, mix two teaspoons of honey and half a lemon juice and apply it to your hands.
  • If your hands sweat a lot, hold them under cold water, cold water regulates blood circulation in a short time and prevents sweating.

FEET: The feet that take the whole weight of the body should not be neglected. The first step is to relieve the tiredness of the feet. Then you can put the last point with pedicure.


  1. Apply cream or gel to soften the nail bases. Then rest your feet in a bowl of hot water, wait for them to soften. You can add herbal ingredients to the water.

2.Then remove the dead tissue by pushing the nail bases.

  1. File your nails, do not forget to file the upper part.
  2. After applying the cream, apply a coat of nail strengthener.
  3. Clean the dead cells on your feet with a pumice stone, use scented foot powders against sweating.


  • Massage your feet, especially the heel part, with lotion and moisturizing products.
  • Do not forget to apply it to the cuticles while applying the cream.
  • If your heels are hard, apply Vaseline before going to bed and wear cotton socks.
  • Add lavender oil into hot water to rest your feet, it relieves fatigue.

-You can use exfoliating care products for the dead skin on the feet.


What should you do to strengthen your broken or split nails? Most of us think it’s caused by a calcium deficiency or an irregular diet. Dermatologist Prof. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Nutrition has little effect on breakage of nails, according to Boni Elewski. The main reason for this is dry nails. The best solution for broken nails is to give them good care with oils and lotions. To give the nails a deep therapy, you can soak them in warm olive oil for 10 minutes. Topically applied nail strengtheners also do not work and prevent the penetration of moisturizers. Soy protein also has very beneficial effects on nails, especially soy milk and tofu, or you can take ‘biotin’ from the B Vitamin family on a daily basis. You can meet this need either in 80 mg pills or by eating egg yolk or yeast.


Did you know that your hands are also affected by negative factors such as air pollution, sun rays and bad weather conditions? Hands, which are not taken care of and used rudely, age faster than your face. The most important sign of aging is the loss of vitality of the skin and the formation of light brown spots on it. However, there is a solution to this in cosmetic surgery. With the laser operation, all the spots on the hands can be removed. It is possible to take action before reaching this stage. You can easily find many special products in the market, which are produced against the wrinkling of the hand skin and the formation of stains. For cleaning, choose hand soaps containing moisturizers or creams. If you feel dry after washing your hands, apply a moisturizing cream by massaging. In addition to natural products, brands also have hand moisturizer products. Apply protective cream against sun and bad weather conditions. If you have hardening of your hand skin, you can eliminate this problem with products with AHA. Use care creams containing retinol, vitamins A, C and E to prevent stain formation.