What is Pedicure? Why is it done ?

Pedicure care, which is derived from the words foot (pedi) and treatment (cure), is called the care of feet and nails, as the name suggests. However, we can explain this care not only in terms of nail cleaning and nourishment, but also as renewing the skin of the feet.

In a session performed by a good specialist, the dead tissues of the foot are removed, the skin is softened, the cuticles are nourished and preferably undergo an aesthetic care. With the right treatments, it is possible to walk more accurately. In addition, it is possible to prevent back pain by ensuring that the weight of the foot is spread equally. According to pedicure experts, you can feel like a feather throughout the day with a massage.

What are the Pedicure Stages?

Toenails are first cleaned of existing nail polish and dried. Then the nails are shortened to prevent damage to the nails. Filed nails are softened by soaking in warm water. In the next step, the nails are cleaned of their flesh with a special scissors. According to the session program of the specialist you applied, the feet are cleaned of dead cells with peeling. Nail polish can be applied to the nails, which are shaped with a final filing.