Pedicure Slippers Near Me

pedicure slippers near me

Pedicure Slippers Near Me

Want to Buy Bulk Pedicure Slippers Near You?SVART Pedicure Slippers will help you.Our factory produces in Turkey. We sell products all over the world. We send the products you want to buy to your door. We want to produce the best and most affordable slippers for you.

Pedicure Slippers Near Me

Want to Buy Bulk Pedicure Slippers Near You? We ship to all over the world. You can review our products.

SVART Disposable Pedicure Sandals

  • Material : EVA FOAM
  • Size: 26 X 10 X 0.3 Cm – 30 X 11 X 0.3 Cm
  • Bright Colors: White , Red , Pink , White , Black, Blue
  • EVA Foam Material, Soft and Elastic Lightweight and Small in Size
    Spa Pedicure Disposable Slippers for salon, Nail Salon
  • Made in TURKEY

     The Folding Style Minimizes the Risk of Staining of Fresh Polish ! Made from durable, high-density foam, these slippers are a great addition to your pedicure services.pedicure slippers near me

     Folding styles help minimize the risk of smudging fresh polish.
They are mounted on the feet, not on the toes like traditional slippers.Pedicure Kit

     Offer your customers a hygienic and comfortable pedicure service!
These slippers, designed with foam mixture materials, are made with your customer’s comfort in mind. pedicure slippers near me


  • Easily Assembled
  • Durable High Density Foam
  • Minimize the risk of contamination of fresh polish