Pedicure ideas

Creating the perfect nail look is more than just hair and dress. Small finishing touches like nails are just as important.
That’s why we’ve created a list of the  best pedicure ideas.

Any of these ideas will have you looking and feeling great on your big day. From glam sparkles to floral art, there’s a design for everyone.Pedicure ideas


Pedicure ideas

1. French Pedicure with Crystals

We got a French pedicure who had a little makeover first. This pad has a classic look with crystal accent nails. This sparkly extra just gives your nails that special finishing touch that’s perfect for a wedding. Wear open-toe shoes to show off such a stylish pedicure.

2. Glitter Pedicure

Nothing says something special like glitter! So, polish your toenails with a glitter polish. You can have any color but a silver or gold like this would be perfect. These colors are eye-catching and will go with any dress and shoes. Glitter polishes are an easy way to make yourself look stylish at home.


Pedicure ideas

3. Tell me I'm doing Nail Art

Are you looking for nail art that is unique and creative? Then we just found something! This French pedicure features an accent nail with the words “Doing”. A design like this is perfect for a bride! A fun pedicure idea that everyone will love. The little gem finishes the pad nicely.

SVART Pedicure Slippers

4. Beach Wedding Pedicure

If you are planning a beach or summer wedding, a pedicure like this would be perfect. This design features a traditional white finish with a floral accent nail. The flower has a tropical appearance. Nail art like this can be made in any color and will look gorgeous with shoes or barefoot.

Pedicure ideas

5. Beautiful Gem Pedicure

Our next pick is stylish, feminine and beautiful. This pedicure features a cute color palette with stones and an iridescent design. Such a pedicure is fashionable and suitable for any shoes. You can recreate such art with any color to match the bridal look.

6. Elegant Flower Nail Art

Floral patterns are popular for wedding pedicures and with this gorgeous nail art we can see why. This pedi features beautiful white flowers with stones in the center. This way nail art will look beautiful on any bride. Bridesmaids could even do this with different colored flowers.


Pedicure ideas

7. Golden Glitter

When choosing colors for the bridal mani and pedi, gold is a gorgeous choice. A color that is graceful and attractive. If you’re thinking of owning gold, consider gilding! Glitz is perfect for a wedding day and complements your shoes perfectly.

8. Pink Pedicure

Add a splash of color to your wedding look with a pink pedicure like this. This incredible shade of pink will look gorgeous with any shoe. Crystals are that extra special finishing touch that’s perfect for your big day. You can even wear a ring like this for a trendy bridal style.

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Pedicure Slippers

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Pedicure ideas

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