Nail Designs

Stylish nail designs.Nowadays, women avoid simple nail polishes. More vivid and revealing designs and nail art are in demand. Here are cute and easy-to-apply nail design ideasā€¦


Striped Nail

Nails are one of those places that need a little touch up that we need to take care of for our style. Moreover, you can even create your own unique nail design. Why spend money on your nail when you can make your own nail design? Here are some great nail design ideas for you… Striped nails

The trick behind this beautiful design; It is based on applying nail polish in different colors by switching to the edge of the nail in the form of a strip after applying nail polish normally. This process can be done with ribbon tapes.

Flower Nails

Floral nail designs are one of the trending and popular designs today. After applying a coat of nail polish, you can spice up this design with flower embroideries in different colors…


Candy Nails

This subtle and sweet design requires a fine nail polish brush. Also different sweet colors of course.

Black Nail

A wonderful design that is carefully processed with the help of transparent nail polish and becomes beautiful with black color.


Nail Designs

What is manicure, how to do manicure at home?

Manicure is an important part of nail care. This process is done to get rid of dead skin and to have a healthy nail appearance. Before nail care, if there is nail polish on the nail, it is removed. Then the nail is cut to the desired size with nail clippers. It is rasped by repeating in the same direction with a rasp. It is healthier to use a glass rasp. It is shaped by filing the nail in a blunt or round shape.

When the filing is finished, the skin on the nail is pushed back with a cuticle stick to get rid of the dead skin of the nail. After that, vaseline or cream is used to soften the nail. Then the water prepared for manicure (a few drops of olive oil and lemon can be added) is left for 3 minutes. When the time is over, the hands are dried and the dead skins are cut and cleaned with the help of meat scissors. Care should be taken not to cut too deep. Now the manicure process is finished. Hands are rubbed by applying moisturizer and colored with optional nail polish or shine.Nail Designs

Nail Designs

Before You Begin: Prepare for a manicure

The first step of manicure starts with cleaning the nails first. You should remove the old nail polish residues well. While removing nail polish, acetones with nourishing and moisturizing properties are more useful for caring for nails at the same time. It will be to your advantage to have a moisturizer in the acetone that you will buy, which will prevent the drying effect of acetone. In this way, the nails are protected against the danger of breaking.

Step 1: Shorten your nails

As the first step of the manicure, you must first bring the paint you want to use on your nails. If your nails are long, you can shorten them.

Step 2: Prepare the cuticle water, get rid of the cuticles!

Before starting the manicure, you need to prepare cuticle water to soften the cuticles.

How to Prepare Manicure Water?

Since you will keep your hands in the water, you can first use a round bowl that your hand can fit in. Add warm water in it.

There are different types of products that you can add while preparing your manicure water. If you wish, you can contribute to softening your hands by adding liquid soap, rose water and natural oils. The only point you need to be careful about is that you add too much product to the water.


Step 3: Get rid of Cuticles!

If you think your cuticles have softened enough, immediately dry your hands and start pushing the cuticles back with the meat pusher. If you don’t have a cuticle pusher, you can push the cuticles with the sharp tip of the nail file.

The most important detail here will be that you do it gently without applying too much. If you make it a habit to push the cuticles back in your nail care routine, you can also get rid of the cuticle problem.

You can apply moisturizing cream to the bottom and edges of the nails to soften the meat that is pushed back and cut it easily. After applying the moisturizing cream, wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed and then dip your hands in the cuticle water you have prepared.

After keeping your hands in this water for 3-4 minutes, carefully cut the dead skin with the scissors you prepared to cut your cuticles. Be careful not to cut too deeply. If your cutting is complete, you can wash and dry your nails.Nail Designs


Step 4: Shape your nails

After cleaning the cuticles, you can start shaping your nails. You can shape your nails by determining the nail shape suitable for your hands.

If you have an oval-shaped nail, the nail tips should be filed more round than other nail types. For this, you need to file the nail edges to be shorter, leaving the nail tips a little longer.

If you have a nail type that we call almonds, you need to apply an almond-shaped nail file. In other words, the ends of your nails should be more rounded.

For square or straight nails, your nails should be of medium length and cut bluntly at the top. Then file your nails straight. If you want a square nail model, be careful not to extend your nails too long.

If you are going to do a short nail manicure, you will need to push the cuticles back a little. This will make your nails look longer.

There are many types of rasps that you can easily apply. You can use glass or sponge rasp. Sponge files will provide a very successful result in removing the roughness while filing the nail edges.

Rectangular shaped rasps make the upper part of the nail smooth, while at the same time polishing and polishing the nail.Nail Designs

Step 5: Apply hand cream and nail polish base

We are approaching the final steps! After shaping your nails, you can use hand cream to moisturize your hands.

If you are a nail polish lover, you can complete your manicure by applying nail polish.Nail Designs

Step 6: Apply nail polish and you're done!

We have come to the last step of the manicure application. Now that your nails are clean and well-groomed, you can apply your favorite nail polish. However, it may be beneficial to apply a base base before applying nail polish. After using the base base, you can wait a few minutes and then apply the nail polish. Since you will be applying the nail polish in two layers, be careful to apply the first layer relatively thinly. Starting from the middle part of your nail, near the cuticle, apply it downwards. Complete the first coat with three brush strokes. You should wait for the first coat to dry before moving on to the second coat. Take care to apply the second floor as thinly as the first floor.Nail Designs

The varnish that you will apply on the nail polish will both prolong the duration of the manicure and allow it to shine like the first day. However, you should make sure that the nail polish is completely dry before proceeding with the polish. This is everything!Nail Designs