Nail Designs

Cheetah Nail Designs

Cheetah Nail Designs Cheetah Nail Designs Wild patterns, symbol of femininity Wild patterns, symbol of femininity From the wild patterns that fashion designers always continue to inspire, leopard and tiger emphasize power and sexuality, giraffe and zebra emphasize innocence. All these patterns lead us to femininity. I’ve always had an aversion to possible animalistic patterns. […]

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Bling Nail Designs

Bling Nail Designs Bling Nail Designs Bling Nail Bling Nail Designs What are the Methods Used for Nail Art (Nail Decoration)? Those who are bored of coloring their nails only with nail polish and are interested in Nail Art can animate their nails with their own simple methods. For those who say, “I want to

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Cum White Nails

Cum White Nails Cum White Nails Cum White Nails How to apply white nail polish? White nail polish, as a symbol of simplicity and elegance, is a highly preferred nail polish for its easy application and its harmonious attitude with everything. As in the version of every nail polish, some small details that need to

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Light Pink Nails

Light Pink Nails Light Pink Nails 1.Pink Nail Designs How to Apply Pink Nail Polish? FOOTNOTE: Since this nail polish application consists of 4 layers, it will take a long time to dry and will be instantly affected by touch. For this reason, using nail polish dryer sprays, which you can find in stores from

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Cow Print Nails

Cow Print Nails Cow Print Nails Cow Print Nail Designs As of late, master manicurists have proposed an all-new way to imbue the print into your signature look. You guessed it: cow-print nail designs. It’s the playful, extraverted, summer-ready update you didn’t know your mani needed. One of the best things about the cowhide nail

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Bright Summer Nails

Bright Summer Nails Bright Summer Nails Nails Bright It’s finally summer! And you know what that means, the time to go hardcore crazy with anything. From the best clothes to the best shoes to even the best summer nail designs that will match perfectly on your Instagram feed! Summer is all about bright colors and

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Birthday Nails

Birthday Nails Birthday Nails Birthday Nail Designs Is it your birthday sometime soon? First of all, congratulations! This big and important day will look so good, especially if you put a bit of effort into your look. Make sure that you find the best manicure and nail design that suits your character, preference, as well

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Almond Nails

Almond Nails Almond Nails How to Make Almond Nails? We share almond nail making and filing methods with you! Almond nail fashion continues to be popular day by day. The elongation of the ends of the nails, namely the almond nail style, looks great especially with nail art models. Making almond nails at home is

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Cute Nails

Cute Nails Cute Nails Your hands are another care item that requires as much attention as your skin or make-up. Just as you determine the most suitable make-up style and products for your face and try to make your make-up perfect; you need to make the same effort for your nails. Yes, we admit it:

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Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails Ombre Nails What is Ombre Nails ? Ombre, which is a hair coloring style, now shows itself on the nails as well. Ombre manicure is done by applying nail polishes from the same color chart separately to the nails. In other words, different shades of a color from light to dark are applied

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