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Disposable Slippers Bulk

SVART Disposable Pedicure Slippers – Disposable Slippers Bulks

  • Material : EVA FOAM
  • Size: 26 X 10 X 0.3 Cm – 30 X 11 X 0.3 Cm
  • Bright Colors: White , Red , Pink , White , Black, Blue
  • EVA Foam Material, Soft and Elastic Lightweight and Small in Size
    Spa Pedicure Disposable Slippers for salon, Nail Salon
  • Made in TURKEY

     The Folding Style Minimizes the Risk of Staining of Fresh Polish ! Made from durable, high-density foam, these slippers are a great addition to your pedicure services.Disposable Slippers Bulk

     Folding styles help minimize the risk of smudging fresh polish.
They are mounted on the feet, not on the toes like traditional slippers.Disposable Slippers Bulk

     Offer your customers a hygienic and comfortable pedicure service!
These slippers, designed with foam mixture materials, are made with your customer’s comfort in mind. Disposable Slippers Bulk


  • Easily Assembled
  • Durable High Density Foam
  • Minimize the risk of contamination of fresh polish

Disposable Slippers Bulk

Disposable Slippers Bulk.Slippers and overshoes. Disposable products for beauty salons, SPAs, cosmetics, pedicures In today’s crazy pace of life, people try to find an opportunity to relax, relax, get away from the hustle and bustle stress. The most popular and effective way to get this opportunity is to visit beauty salons and spas. As you know, the human body can remember what happened to it throughout life. It is the cosmetic and SPA procedures that will give a person the opportunity to: be in excellent physical condition, have a slim and fit body, get rid of stress and enjoy relaxation.

 Spa treatments have been around since the ancient Greeks who, as you know, took great care of their health. It is important that the SPA is not just a set of procedures aimed at maintaining health and youth, but also a whole philosophy. A client who comes to such a salon must be as comfortable as possible so that nothing distracts them and spoils their fragile peace of mind. These procedures help to be in a good mood, to feel vitality and harmony for a long time.

 Consumables for beauty salons

 Competent selection of disposables and consumables is an essential feature to ensure client comfort in any salon. First, you need something that provides the necessary level of hygiene. And that’s pretty much what the client puts on their feet in the first place:

  • Disposable Slippers,
  • Disposable Shoe Covers
  • Disposable Flip Flops Sandals.

 Slippers-slippers will be useful for visitors to massage rooms, saunas, shugaring and cosmetic procedures. Disposable shoe covers are indispensable when performing medical interventions – with a violation of the integrity of the skin. Flip-flops are a real salvation during a pedicure, when the varnished nails are not yet dry and the client has to get up from the pedicure chair.Disposable Slippers Bulk

 Nowadays, when disposable slippers and similar accessories are too cheap, no one will engage in such deals. In addition: they are suitable for everyone, because they have a universal size; you can choose different models of such disposable shoes; very little storage space is required; The service is almost non-existent.Disposable Slippers Bulk

Logo Printed Disposable Slippers Bulk

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Disposable Slippers Bulk


These Disposable Pedicure Slippers Flip Flops are made of Premium Quality, Extremely Durable EVA Foam, a Special Material That is Lightweight and 100% Safe for Your Feet !


Unlike Similar Products on the Market, our Pedicure Disposable Slippers Feature a one-Size-Fits-All Design, Extremely Comfortable All Day Long!


These Pedicure Slippers Are The Right Choice For Professional Salons, But Can Also be Used For Countless Other Activities Like SPA Day,Foot Bath, Spray tans or Hotel!

Where to buy disposable products for beauty salons ?

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Disposable Slippers Bulk

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Pedicure Slipper Manufacturer

Our market presence, which began with polyurethane in the footwear industry in 2010, has accelerated with disposable pedicure slippers. Our company continues its activities in a facility of 3000 m2 in the province of Kütahya in Turkey.
As BC BESIM GROUP INSOLE INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, which sells products with industry experience worldwide, we focus on high quality customer satisfaction.

What are the Features and Materials of Disposable Slippers ?

For the current economic development, people’s lives will continue to improve,
He will also learn to enjoy life more.
People want to take a quick trip now so hotel is a must for them.
Many people have high requirements for hotel supplies,
General Hotel provides better fashion, more popular, more repeat customers.

Disposable hotel supplies must be of a quality material and everyone who comes to a hotel should wear a comfortable pair of slippers when they enter the hotel.
will want to change.
There are reports of guests wrestling with disposable slippers at hotels and claiming compensation.
It is also related to the slippers chosen by the hotel. Most of the disposable slippers on the market are made of non-woven fabric or paper,
soles are plastic, a thin layer of sponge in the middle, designed as non-slip and non-slip,
Prefer non-slip sole disposable slippers for your hotel. so that it is easy to prevent guests from slipping.
You can also choose to reduce anxiety.

Disposable slippers have many advantages: ventilation; filtering; thermal insulation; water absorption; water resistance; flexibility; Not messy;
feel good, soft; Light; Elastic, recoverable; no fabric orientation; Compared with textile fabrics, high efficiency,
production speed; Low Price, mass production; fixed size, not easy to deformation; non-slip, comfortable to wear, easy to use and so on.
Applicable to hotels, hotels, foot bath, sauna and other places.

According to the survey, many hotels now have plastic slippers that can be worn over and over again, rather than being offered as disposable slippers.
This saves the hotel a lot of money, but greatly diminishes guest goodwill towards the hotel. It’s hard to get repeat customers.
Therefore, we can see that disposable slippers are still very important for the development of the hotel,
The hotel should be more careful in supplying disposable slippers.

Where to use ?

Disposable Slippers Bulk

Pedicure Sandals

Hotels Sandals

SPA Sandals

Yoga Sandals

SVART Disposable Slippers

Why Should I Choose Disposable Slippers?

Disposable Slippers offer you hygiene in your living space with its disposable aspect. Disposable Slippers are thrown away without using another person after they are taken out of a single package and used specifically for you. Due to its recyclability and anti-allergic feature, it has become one of the sought-after factors of its users in Hotels, Hospitals and other establishments.

Single Use EVA Slippers Sole Cut

One of the most important points in businesses is hygiene. No one wants to be in an environment that they do not find hygienic, especially if they pay money, to receive service from there. It is very difficult to provide hygiene in places where human circulation is intense. It is almost as if the space has to be recreated for each customer.

What is Single Use EVA Slippers Sole Cut ?

Hygiene rules also have great legal implications. In a business, a person’s illness or illness due to the conditions of the place can take the process up to the closure of the businesses. Therefore, more practical solutions have been developed recently. Disposable EVA slippers, which are obtained by cutting the sole of disposable EVA slippers, are one of them.

Disposable EVA slippers take their name from EVA. The full name of this material, known as EVA, is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and its internal structure is porous and spongy. Its biggest feature is its low density. Wear resistance is very low. Therefore, its usage areas are quite limited. The material is obtained from the complication of polyethylene and vinyl acetate.

EVA, a rubber-like and lightweight plastic type, is produced with the help of injection machines used for PVC soles. Due to its many features, it has become one of the most popular products of the slipper industry and has come to life in many different ways. Although the low strength of resistance limits the area of ​​use, details such as making very different designs, creating color alternatives and making them suitable for corporate identity make EVA slippers indispensable among shoe industry products.

Usage Areas of Disposable Slippers

The upper fabrics of disposable EVA slippers sole cut products are generally interlining. It can be open or closed depending on the place of use. Since the slippers are generally overlocked, they provide a strong grip. Although the base productions are produced from standard 2mm EVA, it can also be produced as 3 or 4 mm depending on preference.

The usage area of single use EVA slippers is quite wide. It continues to be preferred in different places with each passing day. The most needed areas are:

  • Hotels,
  • Hostels,
  • Hospitals,
  • Beauty centers,
  • Thermal spas,
  • Private doctor’s
  • Offices,
  • SPA centers,
  • Imaging centers,
  • Massage parlors.
    Disposable EVA slippers provide a hygienic environment in all these businesses. It attracts attention as they are anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and can be discarded after the first use. As SVART Pedicure Slippers, we develop cutting service and manufacturing solutions according to customer demands.