SVART Disposable Pedicure Slippers Manufacturer


About Us

Our Presence in the Market, which started with Polyurethane in the Shoe Industry in 2010, Gained Speed with Disposable Pedicure Slippers. Our company continues its activities in a 3000 m2 facility in the province of Kütahya in Turkey.
As BC BESIM GROUP INSOLE INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY, which sells products to the whole world with its experience in the sector, our focus is on High Quality Customer Satisfaction.



To be the leader in its sector with its innovative product and service approach and to be a Slippers brand that is in demand all over the world.



Focus on employee and customer satisfaction,
It has adopted the understanding of quality and fast service;
We are a company that increases its market share in the domestic and international market day by day and adopts the principle of contributing to the country’s economy.



The understanding of “people first” and “sharing what we get from the society by growing it with the society” is the source of our business ethics principles.
our life philosophy; to live as a good corporate citizen, a good Turkish citizen, a good global citizen and finally a good person.


What is EVA FOAM ?

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as poly (ethylene-vinyl acetate) (PEVA), is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The weight percent of vinyl acetate usually varies from 10 to 40%, with the remainder being ethylene. There are three different types of EVA copolymer, which differ in the vinyl acetate (VA) content and the way the materials are used.

The EVA copolymer which is based on a low proportion of VA (approximately up to 4%) may be referred to as vinyl acetate modified polyethylene. It is a copolymer and is processed as a thermoplastics material – just like low density polyethylene. It has some of the properties of a low density polyethylene but increased gloss (useful for film), softness and flexibility. The material is generally considered non-toxic.

The EVA copolymer, which is based on a medium proportion of VA (approximately 4 to 30%), is referred to as thermoplastic ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and is a thermoplastic elastomer material. It is not vulcanized but has some of the properties of a rubber or of plasticized polyvinyl chloride particularly at the higher end of the range.

The EVA copolymer which is based on a high proportion of VA (greater than 60%) is referred to as ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber. Both filled and unfilled EVA materials have good low temperature properties and are tough. The materials with approximately 11% VA are used as hot melt adhesives.

EVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility. The material has good clarity and gloss, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties, and resistance to UV radiation.

EVA has a distinctive vinegar-like odor and is competitive with rubber and vinyl polymer products in many electrical applications.