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Cheetah Nail Designs

Cheetah Nail Designs

Wild patterns, symbol of femininity


Wild patterns, symbol of femininity

From the wild patterns that fashion designers always continue to inspire, leopard and tiger emphasize power and sexuality, giraffe and zebra emphasize innocence. All these patterns lead us to femininity.

I’ve always had an aversion to possible animalistic patterns. I say there was, for a year or two, this antipathic prejudice left its place to sympathy. If there is one thing we believe in in the fashion industry, it is that you will never say ‘never’. Because a piece that you thought you would never wear and find it shabby may one day be one of your coolest pieces. You will understand that licking your spit is not valid in the fashion industry.

While animalistic, so to speak, wild patterns were also within the limits of the word never for me, they started to look cute to me. First, I warmed up as an accessory. I got a thin leopard print belt. Then I bought a Mary Jane style leopard shoe, and I ennobled it myself by wearing black from head to toe. Time passed, a bag was added to the shoes, I used it with colors like green. Finally, I bought a leopard coat last year. My faux fur coat suddenly became a complement to my jeans. This year I also bought a zebra printed dress.

I feel loved when I wear it with my biker boots. By the way, even though my eyes are on leopard-print dresses used with lace, I don’t feel ready enough to go to that stage yet. But of course, I started to love someone else, provided that it was in the dose and the measure. Leopard patterns don’t come as vamp anymore. By the way, I must admit that I always find patterns such as zebra and panda more innocent than leopards.
Fashion always loves animalistic patterns. For fashionistas inspired by all kinds of beauties of nature, animal patterns are perhaps a print that they will never get tired of using. These animals, such as snakes, leopards, lynx, and tigers, with a frightening yet magnificent appearance, inspire an elegant coat, coat, shoes, dress, in other words, all kinds of clothes, and have the same eye-catching stance in clothes.

Fashion designers are also aware that women will not easily give up on these wild patterns.
So what drives the woman to the animals of the wild world?
Take the leopard, for example. In the first place, the desire to be sexy and look vamp comes to mind.
It’s true.


Leopard adds femininity to the woman. But if we dig deeper, the leopard is an intelligent animal. It is dangerous, does not get too close to people and cannot be tamed. Approaching takes courage. That’s why leopard print pants have a sexy and powerful image. The leopard print fur coat looks rich. However, zebra is a herbivore. It is not aggressive, on the contrary, it is one of the main feline foods. It looks pretty innocent in my opinion. I don’t know if it’s for this reason, but zebra patterns never show as sexy an image as leopard patterns. Yes it looks stylish but not strong.

Is Tom Ford’s leopard-print pantsuit looking innocent or his zebra-print long dress? Although Roberto Cavalli tries to add sexiness to the zebra pattern with orange, he cannot destroy innocence. The same innocence is seen in the giraffe, a harmless animal. Pierre Balmain’s blouses and dresses embellished with giraffe patterns convey the innocence of this harmless herbivore.
But is it the leopard?
On the contrary, the power and femininity are represented in the clothes along with all the dangerous features of the animal. See the Proenza Scholer woman. It has a sexy, noble and extremely cool look with leopard patterns. So is Emanuel Ungaro. It adds strength to its power by using the leopard with vivid colors. Although Bluegirl approaches the feeling of innocence with her line, the ‘Lolita’ stamp cannot be avoided with the use of lace and leopard together. Not only is the leopard’s sex appeal enough for Versace, he is only satisfied by reflecting the tiger’s ferocity on his woman.

O leopard, o tiger, o zebra, o giraffe…
You are always classics of fashion.

How is Nail Art Made?

Nail art, which is called nail decoration art, is one of the most popular nail care applications recently. Nail art, which makes nail care fun and interesting with different patterns and models, is one of the best opportunities for an aesthetic appearance and well-groomed nails. Although it may seem difficult, it can be applied easily not only with a special machine, but also with special brushes and products.

Nail art, which is called nail decoration art, is one of the most popular nail care applications recently. Nail art, which makes nail care fun and interesting with different patterns and models, is one of the best opportunities for an aesthetic appearance and well-groomed nails. Although it may seem difficult, it can be applied easily not only with a special machine, but also with special brushes and products.

The prerequisite for nail art is, first of all, the necessary nail care. With a proper manicure, it is necessary to make sure that the nails are cleaned from weak flesh. During this process, manicure forceps, scissors and cuticle sticks developed for cuticles should be used. Because standard nail clippers can damage your nail bases in a sudden wrong move.

What are the Nail Art Stages?

Primarily, base nail polish should be applied to the cleaned and maintained nails. The reason for applying base nail polish is that the colors or patterns you will apply on it look clearer and more vivid. Fine-tipped special brushes such as the Acrylic Prosthetic Nail Brush, which are used in prosthetic nail applications, will also provide convenience to shape the nail polish or pigment in the nail art phase.

You can start making the desired pattern on your nails one by one with the help of these fine-tipped brushes. You can create colorful shapes with nail polish or use nail decoration products such as Eclat Nail Glitter to decorate as you wish. This process is a protective application for nail art. After the ornaments or nail polish have dried, you can finish the nail art application by applying protective transparent nail polish.

Nail Art Model Selection and Application

You can use any pattern or ornament you want for nail art making. Various processes such as coloring with nail polish, decorating with nail decorations or sticking stones are very popular. Koko Nail nail art models have the feature that you can reflect your imagination and style.

Nail art materials should be personalized. In addition, after each nail art production, it must be cleaned and dried. Leaving personal care products, especially nail care products, wet; They can lead to negative situations such as bacteria formation and bad odor on the floor they are located on. For this reason, you should show the same care that you show while doing your nail care, in preserving the products in the nail care set.

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