Bright Summer Nails

Bright Summer Nails

Nails Bright

It’s finally summer! And you know what that means, the time to go hardcore crazy with anything. From the best clothes to the best shoes to even the best summer nail designs that will match perfectly on your Instagram feed!

Summer is all about bright colors and I think we can all agree we have been waiting for this season to take over for a ~hot~ minute. So, if you came here searching for bright summer nails that will look sickening with all your cool outfits, you will not be disappointed.

Keep on scrolling for gorgeous nails designs that will make your nails pop out this summer and make you look all trendy and cute! Nails Bright.


Bright Summer Nails

Summer Nail Designs

Take a look at these bright summer nails to spice up your holidays!
Bright Summer Nails: You might not be a big fan of some summer nail decorations, but we are sure that at some point in this compilation, your eyes will sparkle with that nail inspiration.

For women in need of inspiration, check out the best nail designs for summer 2022, they’re great for your next trip to the salon.Nail Color.Nail Polish.


Nail Trends

We have brought together the perfect summer nail polish colors that you must try this summer!

When we think of the summer season, we think of colored nail polishes, and nowadays we have determined our favorite colors among the nail polish colors, albeit difficult. Apart from the classic nail polish colors, we love the summer manicure in which pink, purple and blue are used abundantly. If you are looking for the most beautiful nail polishes suitable for the summer season, today is your lucky day! We have listed the full summer nail polish colors to live Hot Girl Summer to the fullest!

It’s time to introduce you to the most beautiful nail polish colors that we did not miss on our nails all summer. Let’s see which one will be your favourite? 

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Bright Summer Nails

In the 2022 Spring-Summer season, different and colorful nail arts come to the fore. Nails, in which rainbow colors are blended together, embroidered with geometric patterns and glittering stones, become a work of art on your hands. In recent years, new applications have been developed that extend the duration of nail care. Nail artist and prosthetic nail trainer Atiye Çolaklı underlines that it is important to have a regular manicure and that it is necessary to use quality materials in the right place.

Prosthetic nails are preferred for long-term care

Stating that nail care should be done regularly in order to have clean and beautiful hands, Atiye Çolaklı said, “Permanent nail polish and prosthetic nail applications guarantee a long-lasting care in our hands. Prosthetic nails are an application that has many types and makes nails look healthier and longer. The process done on the nail thickens the nail and prevents it from breaking, providing people with the thick, long and well-groomed nails they want. It is the most preferred technique in terms of prosthetic nail permanence and I provide training as an expert.” used the phrases.

Vivid colors and eye-catching patterns are in the foreground

Patterns that combine different colors on nails and eye-catching nail art are among the most preferred. While every shade of rainbow colors are used, neon colors and colorful french are among the most popular models. Stating that earth tones, brown tones, green and nude tones come to the forefront for nail polish colors in autumn, Atiye Çolaklı stated that more vivid colors and patterns are preferred in summer months. In fact, many different and vibrant color tones can be used together. He said that for those who want to be more attractive, neon colors, stones and patterns can be embroidered into nail art, depending on their preference.

The secret of long and well-groomed nails

Stating that the priority in nail decoration art should be well-groomed nails, Çolaklı said, “Manicure and nail length can change according to the customer’s request and expert guidance. Although our customers generally prefer medical manicure, nail size differs from person to person. As experts, we guide them in this regard. Although artistically embroidered nail art, colored french and long nails are in demand in the 2022 Spring/Summer season, of course, our customers have the last word. We are very happy to see that they have the nails they want after the procedure.”