Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails Ombre Nails What is Ombre Nails ? Ombre, which is a hair coloring style, now shows itself on the nails as well. Ombre manicure is done by applying nail polishes from the same color chart separately to the nails. In other words, different shades of a color from light to dark are applied […]

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Black Pedicure

Black Pedicure Black Pedicure Pedicure and Manicure have become an integral part of beauty, just like hair and make-up. Recently, dozens of different colors and patterns have emerged. We see colors and patterns that reflect everyone’s style as nail art. People started to make designs according to their clothes, according to their taste, according to

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Pedicure For Men

Pedicure For Men Pedicure For Men Pedicure Guide for Men It was once a rare occasion for a man to get a pedicure, but by today’s standards, no gender-neutral personal care routine would be complete without a head-to-toe treatment. When you think that our feet wear more than any other part of our body, you

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What You Need to Know About Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure are now a natural part of personal care for both men and women. There are many types: French manicure, spa manicure, sauna manicure. Although the procedures are basically the same, it is possible to choose the most suitable type of manicure & pedicure with minor changes. Preferred to have well-groomed, clean and healthy nails; It consists of stages such as cleaning, shaping, massage, purification of dead skin and nail polish application. You can have manicure and pedicure procedures done by experts, or you can do it yourself at home by following the right instructions. With these suggestions, which are an introductory course in hand & foot care, you can always look like you came out of professional beauty salons!

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What is Pedicure? Why is it done ?

Pedicure care, which is derived from the words foot (pedi) and treatment (cure), is called the care of feet and nails, as the name suggests. However, we can explain this care not only in terms of nail cleaning and nourishment, but also as renewing the skin of the feet.

In a session performed by a good specialist, the dead tissues of the foot are removed, the skin is softened, the cuticles are nourished and preferably undergo an aesthetic care. With the right treatments, it is possible to walk more accurately. In addition, it is possible to prevent back pain by ensuring that the weight of the foot is spread equally. According to pedicure experts, you can feel like a feather throughout the day with a massage

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