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What are the Methods Used for Nail Art (Nail Decoration)?

Those who are bored of coloring their nails only with nail polish and are interested in Nail Art can animate their nails with their own simple methods. For those who say, “I want to decorate my nails, but I don’t know how to do it”, we have compiled some of the methods that are widely used in Nail Art and allow you to get amazing results.Bling Nail Designs

Foil and Water Transfer Sticker:

Foils, which can be supplied as ready-made molds, can be transferred to the nail after the application of foil transfer nail polishes. Although it is a simple method, it produces surprising results. While foils usually have gold and silver colors, there are hundreds of alternatives for stickers.

Chrome and Velvet Powder:

Chrome and Velvet Powders, which you can obtain packaged in different weights, are among the applications that only give color to the nails.

Although silver and gold colors are mostly popular in chrome powders, it is possible to find dozens of different colors of these powders. There are many color alternatives for velvet powders. While you can get a velvety texture with velvet powder, you can provide a gilded and metallic look with Chrome Powders.

Printing Plate Transfer:

In the Printing Plate Transfer method, support is taken from the pattern plates in the form of ready-made molds and the transfer apparatus. You can transfer the pattern on your plate onto the base in any color you want. It is a very suitable method for women who want elegant and detailed motifs on their nails.

Free Drawing:

Women who say that I can reflect my own talent and imagination on my nails rather than applying a ready-made mold can take their brushes, nail polish and acrylic paints and get to work. As you can animate your nails with different colors; You can even create a painting on your nails in line with your dexterity. Of course, there are some tricks to this method.

Embellishment with Stones, Stamps, Beads:

In this method, you can use any color and size material you want. Create your own template and start gluing your stones. You can apply this application on solid color nail polish, or you can decorate the motifs you have created with other methods with stones and similar materials.

You can also support your imagination with these techniques and create art on your nails. Stay tuned to our blog for different Nail Art methods and tricks that will make your job extremely easy; You can also visit our “Prosthetic Nail Course” page for more detailed information about nail decoration.Bling Nail Designs

Nail Art

When examined historically, nail decoration was used in ancient times. It first appeared in Ancient Babylon when men painted their nails with kohl. The lower class men were used to show their rank, with green color and the upper class black. B.C. From 5000 BC. Until the 3000s, women in Esli Egypt used nail art to show their social status. They decorated their nails using the juice of the henna plant. Queen Nefertiti, for example, used the color red to decorate her fingernails and toenails. Compared to Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra used dull tones of gold and dark rust tones. Ordinary women were not allowed to use the same color as the queen. In ancient China, during the Ming Dynasty, nail paint and polish were made from a mixture of beeswax, egg white, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum arabic.