Black Pedicure

Black Pedicure

Pedicure and Manicure have become an integral part of beauty, just like hair and make-up. Recently, dozens of different colors and patterns have emerged. We see colors and patterns that reflect everyone’s style as nail art.

People started to make designs according to their clothes, according to their taste, according to their hobbies. Well, have you ever thought about what your nail polishes say?

Have you ever thought about the meanings while applying nail polish? Perhaps, when this subject, which many people do not know, is learned, it can now bring you to the consistency of nail polish. Let’s learn together the meanings of these nail polishes, which have different colors.

Black Nail Polish

For women who like to wear black, applying black nail polish is also very interesting. Black nail polish represents stability and strength. Women who wear black nail polish are strong and know what they want.

Red nail polish

Red nail polish, which is the common color of almost all women, symbolizes passion and lust. This color, which is generally used by women who go to an elegant place at night, also symbolizes power and attractiveness.

Blue nail polish

Blue nail polish, one of the most beautiful colors, expresses fearlessness and freedom. Women who use blue nail polish are known as women who are fond of their freedom. They are women who stand up to every challenge and stand behind every event without fear.

Burgundy nail polish

Burgundy nail polishes, which are called dark shades of red nail polish, also express power and attractiveness. This color, which is used especially in the autumn season, expresses elegance for all women and will be a great color choice to make your beautiful combination even more beautiful.

Glittery nail polish Women who use glittery and shining nail polish consider their dynamic features. Women using these nail polishes embrace exciting events.

White Nail Polish

White nail polishes, which are the color of purity and innocence, are among the colors used a lot in daily life or on special occasions. Especially women who apply the french technique use white and off-white colors.

Orange, Pink and Yellow Nail Polish

These colors, which are applied together with the summer months, are the perfect colors for the freshness of summer. Orange represents energy, while pink represents self-confidence. Yellow nail polish indicates happiness and comfort.