Birthday Nails

Birthday Nails

Birthday Nail Designs

Is it your birthday sometime soon? First of all, congratulations! This big and important day will look so good, especially if you put a bit of effort into your look. Make sure that you find the best manicure and nail design that suits your character, preference, as well as outfit of the day. Here are some gorgeous manicures that you should consider.glamorous birthday nails


Birthday Nail ideas

Is your birthday around the corner? Are you looking for cute birthday nail ideas for your special day? If so, then you will love these nail ideas we have selected from the best nail techs out there. 

After selecting the perfect outfit then you need to select a nail design that will match it. Everyone loves glitter for their birthdays that is why most of the birthday nail designs in this post have glitters and bright colors. It is your special day, it happens once every year and you need to stand out and look your best. birthday nail ideas

Glamorous Birthday Nails

While preparing for a friend’s birthday, I wanted to share my hair, makeup and outfit with you.

Birthday Nails



I started my skin makeup with Chanel Perfection Lumiere (Beige). I spread a small amount of foundation in dots on my face with my fingertips. With the help of Zoeva’s foundation brush, I spread the foundation all over my face with circular and soft movements.

2.Under Eye Concealer

Recently, I applied the Benefit Erase Paste color corrector to reduce my under-eye circles due to insomnia and fatigue. First of all, I applied the product to my detention with a brush, then distributed it to my detention with a buffer motion without pressing it with my ring fingers. Likewise, I applied a color corrector to my eyelid.


I combed my eyebrows with the MAC eyebrow brush, then filled the gaps in my eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil number 364, as if drawing eyebrows one by one.

4.Eye make-up

For a more permanent eye make-up, I applied the Benefit Air Patrol eyeshadow base to my eyelids, dispersing it with my fingertips without pressing. As headlight, I used Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eyeshadow Palette, which I have been using very often lately. First of all, I started with Ivory, which is the closest tone to white, and applied it all over my eyelids, down to my eyebrows. I applied The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer to my under brow line to illuminate my brow bone. I applied the rose color in the eyeshadow palette to the fold line of my eyelid. Using the Heater Brown color in the eyeshadow palette, I sized the fold line of my eyelid a little darker. I continued by applying a darker shade of Black Chocolate to the outer corners of my eyes. I touched this color a little with the brush and distributed it to the outer corners of my eyes with light movements. Finally, I applied the Stormy Gray color in the eyeshadow palette to my eyelid and made the transition of all the colors I use with each other. I applied Douglas Back to Black eyeliner to both my lower eyelashes and eyelids to create a smoky eye makeup effect. I didn’t try to apply it very smoothly as I would scatter the eyeliner. I created a smokey eye makeup effect by distributing the eyeliner with a brush.

For my lashes, I first applied Essence mascara base, then Douglas Devil Eyes Mascara. I especially preferred this mascara as it creates a false eyelash effect. I also shared this mascara on Instagram, once again I wanted to use it in my makeup.


I applied the Bobbi Brown Blush 17 Slopes shade, which I use frequently, to my cheeks with a blush brush. This is a blush that adds a sweet pink in a dry rose tone…


I started by framing my lips with the MAC Spice shade lip pencil. I started from the middle of my lower lip and outlined it. I applied Yves Rocher Grand Rouge 72 Rose lipstick to my lips and completed my makeup.


With the help of tongs, I created messy waves that weren’t very neat and loosened the front and loosely gathered the back of my hair.


My skirt and blouse are H&M, my bag is Chanel, and my boots are Christian Louboutin, the details of which you will see in my Get Ready with Me video.


  • CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Beige
  • BENEFIT Erase Paste
  • DOUGLAS Eyebrow Styler 364
  • BENEFIT Air Patrol
  • Lilac Rose Eyeshadow Palette
  • THE BALM Mary Lou manizer
  • DOUGLAS Eye Pencil Back to Black
  • ESSENCE Lash Base
  • DOUGLAS Devil Eyes Mascara
  • BOBBI BROWN Blush 17 Slopes
  • MAC Lip Pencil – Spice
  • YVES ROCHER Grand Rouge 72 Rose