Best Pedicure Slippers


Best Pedicure Slippers

Best Pedicure Slippers / SVART Disposable Pedicure Slippers

  • Material : EVA FOAM
  • Size: 26 X 10 X 0.3 Cm – 30 X 11 X 0.3 Cm
  • Bright Colors: White , Red , Pink , White , Black, Blue
  • EVA Foam Material, Soft and Elastic Lightweight and Small in Size
    Spa Pedicure Disposable Slippers for salon, Nail Salon
  • Made in TURKEY

     The Folding Style Minimizes the Risk of Staining of Fresh Polish ! Made from durable, high-density foam, these slippers are a great addition to your pedicure services.Best Pedicure Slippers

     Folding styles help minimize the risk of smudging fresh polish.
They are mounted on the feet, not on the toes like traditional slippers.Best Pedicure Slippers

     Offer your customers a hygienic and comfortable pedicure service!
These slippers, designed with foam mixture materials, are made with your customer’s comfort in mind. Best Pedicure Slippers


  • Easily Assembled
  • Durable High Density Foam
  • Minimize the risk of contamination of fresh polish
  • Best Pedicure Slippers
SVART Pedicure Slippers

Best Pedicure Slippers​

SVART Pedicure Slippers Women’s and Men’s Pedicure Slippers are used. You can get an offer for bulk purchase of Nail Salon SPA Salons.

What are Best Pedicure Slippers?

A good pedicure slipper is made from premium EVA Foam. A slipper made of High Quality EVA has passed the first step of the class for a good pedicure slipper.

Pedicure Slippers can be in different colors. These different colors are given with the paint used during the production of the eva. This paint is a permanent color. Pedicure slippers with cheap and bad paint can have carcinogenic effects. Therefore, it is necessary to choose good manufacturers.

The most important feature of Pedicure Slippers is its design. Design is like a must for a good slipper. Design suitable for foot sizes. User-friendly design. When wearing pedicure slippers, the user should feel comfortable. He should step comfortably and have a pleasant time while walking. For this, it should be above the required thickness. It is a must for the best pedicure slippers.For a quality slipper, we can review the following:

  • Raw Material
  • Thickness
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Size
  • Price

Need the best pedicure slippers?

The best pedicure slippers manufacturer is SVART Pedicure Slippers. What makes us the best is our innovation, design approach and quality approach. As a company, we ask ourselves this question every day. How can we be better? How can we go further? How can we produce better quality slippers? In order to go further from the point we are at, we continue our work every day like a new beginning. That’s why SVART Pedicure Slippers are better quality than their competitors, more advantageous for suppliers and economical slippers for nail salons. Indispensable for customers.