Almond Nails


Almond Nails

How to Make Almond Nails?

We share almond nail making and filing methods with you!

Almond nail fashion continues to be popular day by day. The elongation of the ends of the nails, namely the almond nail style, looks great especially with nail art models. Making almond nails at home is actually simpler than you think. All you have to do first is to lengthen your nails a little. Leave the rest to the Editors of! We tell you how to make almond nails on your nails and which nail art models you should try. Now it’s your turn to try!

If you want to make almond nails, if you have a short and blunt nail structure, we recommend that you lengthen them first. Leaving your nail in hot water for a long time and softening it can cause you to have a weak nail. For this reason, you should first soften your nail with the help of a nail file.

Especially the glass file will be healthier for the sides of your almond nail. After filing, lightly moisten your cuticles with the cream. Lay the file on the top of your finger and start shaping by applying upward pressure under the nail with slow movements. Make sure to file the nail with movements from the very bottom to the tip. Do the same on the other side of your nail. Keep your hands straight and control from behind. If there is a deformity, continue to correct it. Depending on your preference, you can make the nail tip even more pointed.

Almond Nail Making

One of the important points in making almond nails is not to do the file back and forth randomly while filing (rounding). Filing it upwards will help you. If you have rounded the nail edges, you can now move on to the nail.

When making almond nails, it will be easier for you to shape the hills. Here is the point you need to pay attention to; You need to file the nail in one direction and without cutting it in half. If you apply a short filing process, your nails may break and layer peeling may occur.

1- Almond Nail Filing

  • You can use paper files for almond nail making.
  • Make sure your nails are all the same length.
  • To file your nails in an almond shape, file from the sides to the middle.
  • To get the almond nail model, you should avoid filing the top of your nails bluntly. If you file your nails from side to end instead, you can give them a more rounded shape.
  • Finally, you should pass the top of your nail with the polishing part of the nail file to make it look delicately smooth.
    Editor’s suggestion: If your nails grow naturally bluntly, you may need to trim the sides of your nails with scissors. Thus, the filing process will be easier for you.

2- Color Your Almond Nails


File your nails in an almond shape… Now it’s time to color your almond nails! With this nail model, you can discover your own style by trying different nail models. How about doing a French manicure by choosing two different nail polish colors that suit each other?

You can create a base for your nails with Rose Poudre color number 130 from Maybelline New York Super Stay 7 Days nail polishes, which lasts up to 7 days and gives intense color in one coat. This nail polish color in powder powder tones will create a nude base with a light pink undertone on your nails. Thus, your nails appear longer and thinner than they are.

When you come to the tip of the French manicure, you should use black or dark brown tones. Our preference is for the Brick Tan color number 888 from Maybelline nail polishes. This color, which has the most beautiful color among brown nail polishes, will create a different effect on the nail tips. If you are not confident about French manicure, you can also make this nail plus using manicure tapes.

3- Dry Your Nail Polish


If you want the almond nail nail art model to dry quickly, you should definitely apply a nail polish dryer top coat. Otherwise, you may cause your nail polish to deteriorate without realizing it. We do not remove Maybelline Super Stay Quick Dry, which dries nail polishes in the fastest and most permanent way, from our manicure set. This protective nail polish, which increases the durability of the nails and prevents the nail polish from peeling off, provides the nail art model with the long life it deserves. If you are impatient like us, you can complete your almond nail nail art in minutes with the nail polish dryer.

Almond Nail Models

Polka Dot Almond Nail


If you want to give the almond nail model a more romantic look, you can get help from polka dots. First, you should base your nails with 890 Greige Steel color from Maybelline nail polishes, and then add dots to your nails with 255 Mauve On lilac color to give them a romantic look. Romantic nail models are best suited to almond nail styles!

Classic Almond Nail Model


If you want to give the almond nail model a more classic look, we recommend that you do not shy away from red nail polish. Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish 287 Midnight Red is one of the iconic red nail polishes. This red nail polish, which suits the almond nail cut very well, makes your nails look more attractive.

Why Almond Shape Nail?

The almond shape nail, which is especially preferred on wide-large hands and short fingers, is a very preferred model because it makes the hands look more elegant and thin. Those who like to use long nails prefer almond shape nails because of the convenience of using them.
This method, which is used to lengthen short nail beds, has recently become a highly demanded model.

What are the Benefits of Using Almond Shaped Nails?

The most advantage of almond-shaped nails is that your nails are less likely to break. If your nail structure is very fragile, this model is for you.

Almond shape nail advantages;

  • It is the shape where nail breakage and peeling are difficult,
  • Since its corners are round, it does not get stuck on your clothes, furry – woolen items and your hair,
  • Almond nails are stronger than blunt nails.
  • It makes your hands look longer, thin and elegant than they are.

How to French Almond Shaped Nails?

If you want to french on almond shaped nails, you can apply french in a straight line as well as on normal and blunt nails. If you wish, you can also make an application in direct proportion to the sharpness of the almond shape on the tip of your nail.

To apply classic french on almond shaped nails;

  • First apply your care oil to the nails you have shaped,
  • After the care oil is absorbed, apply your white nail polish to your nail tip in the thickness you want in one move,
  • Your application in one move allows you to apply the nail polish smoothly and without overflowing,
  • After making sure that the white nail polish on your nail tip is dry, apply a few tones lighter than the white nail polish on your entire nail in a single or double layer.
  • That’s how easy it is to french your almond shaped nails!

How to Prevent Yellowing of Almond Shaped Nails?

To prevent yellowing of almond-shaped nails, you can pour olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil on half a lemon for nutritional purposes and apply it to your nails 2 times a week. In addition, the lavender you brew will add a very nice softness to your almond nails.

Once a week, you can put 1 teaspoon of sugar in half a lemon and apply it to your almond nails. It should not be forgotten that sugar can scratch the nails and therefore should not be used too often. Another method is to mix milk and mineral water at the same rate and apply almonds to your nails, which will whiten your nails.

You can use almond oil once a week to prevent cracks and peeling. If you don’t interrupt the almond shape nail adventure that we started with filing, your nails will look more beautiful.

Almond Nails Models


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